How to start a blog

How to start a blog

It’s not a lie that blogging can give you huge success, and also a good source of income. also it’s not a lies that people make their living with just a simple blog.

You can make a few thousand bucks per month with just a simple blog. But when you grow your blog your income will also grow.

Blogging just follows a simple pattern. First pick a topic then buy a domain and hosting, then build your blog, put some content then drive traffic to your blog. It Is that simple, you did it in 4 steps. It won’t take more than an hour to start a blog.

So don’t wait more time

And So here I am to guide how you can start a really simple blog and make money from your blog. So let’s start

Blog topic

If you want to start blogging you need a topic for your blog. You don’t need a unique topic, but you can’t go and write about everything or anything. So your blog topic has to be specific. Every topic makes money, so think about a topic that you like or you feel like you can do it.

Buy a domain and hosting

After selecting a niche you have to buy a domain. A domain name is your blog name. Like is my blog name.

It is the fun part, Find an awesome name for your blog also you can use your name for your blog. After deciding on a domain, you have to register the domain.

I’ll show you how to get your domain for free in the next step.

You need hosting for your blog. It will store your blog files and keep your blog online all the time.

For hosting head over to

Next, you’ll see four different plans. Scroll down and select the WordPress Starter plan for $3.99/month. It includes everything you need.

Hostinger WordPress Hosting Plan

Four year period gives the best deal but if you want less than that you can also do that, But try to get at least for one year.

Hostinger pricing

After choosing a plan, you have to finish the payment. After that you will be redirected to HPanel, then Hostinger will guide you to the rest of the setup process, so you don’t have to worry.

It also guides you on how to install WordPress, then after that, it will let you choose a domain for free. Make sure to add on WHOIS privacy, it keeps your private information safe and secure.

After that Congrats, you now own a blog!

Pick WordPress Theme

Now you have your own blog. But you have to make it look good. So you need a theme, There are tons of WordPress themes free and also paid. You can always use a free theme but free come with some limitation. If you want you can use a free theme, here is the WordPress theme directory

If you’re looking for a premium theme, Here are some:

  1. The Thesis Theme
  2. The Genesis Framework

Writing content

you have your domain and hosting, you made your blog. Now it’s time to write content for your blog. You need some blog-post ideas to write content. You can use SEMRush to research your blog post. After finding some blog post ideas is time to write a post. It can be difficult at first to write a blog post but slowly you will get better. And also you can hire a writer on Fiverr. If you hire a writer a little advice don’t hire a cheap $5 or $10 writer. Their quality is not so good.

Blog monetization

  1. You picked a topic for your blog
  2. You have domain and hosting
  3. You installed WordPress
  4. You installed a theme
  5. And now you have content

Now that you have your own blog, you’re ready to go to monetize your blog. I suggest you monazite your blog after getting some traffic and building an audience. Use social media, forms, and search engines to get traffic.

After that, you can monetize your blog with

  1. Affiliate links
  2. Ads
  3. Your product
  4. Sponsorship
  5. Accepting Paid Post

And there are tons of opportunities to make money.

Remember, if you need any help, you can contact me.

I’ll be happy to help you or show you the resources that can be helpful.

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